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Looking at buying a website?

You do of course have an online presence.
These all include mentions from independent search engines and media sites, which are good, but only to an extent. Firstly they will also push competitors alongside, and secondly you have no control over any information posted. The benefit is they are all free, however do not enhance your brand. To find these references to your store the person/customer has to be specific in the search for you.

https://printingready.com/site-build-packages Website Package Options and domains we currently host and maintain/built.

Having your own website – tackles all issues and gives you total and full control of the content. 

Then having this facility, it can be enhanced to increase your online visibility in allowing you to promote a particular product and/or service at any given time.

Another bonus with a website, is that you also benefit from the above mention on other sites to boost your own ranking/position in the search engines. This is know as ‘backlinks’, which is great to have.

More importantly – to create an additional income revenue, AND to increase current customer base.

The Plan – We would register a name of your choice to use as an URL (website address) https://YOURCHOICE.com and add security features (SSL) to protect your customers data when shopping and interacting with your site.

On your new site we’ll configure the whole platform to met your request and functions you’d like to include, right down to photos and even colour scheme to match your current logo and color choices. This lets your customers know that your store and website belong together and are of the same business.

What you get with a website:-

* Unlimited Pages – contact, terms, about us….

* Your very own and secure domain email – You@YOURCHOICE.com (same as url domain).

* Online shopping facility. Includes payments going directly in to your bank. (unlimited products)

* Placement on google maps – to gain more local customers.

* One place to direct all customers – even from other sites and mentions you already have.

* mailing lists – keeping customers up to date and in touch with offers and events.

* FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) – A place with the common answers to help the customer select you as their choice.

This is intended to be online within 1-2 days, with the content as you request completed within 30 days.

subsequent changes may be made by us at your request anytime, although may incur an additional one time fee, and these changes completed within 7 days.

Having a website does indeed incur a regular fee to maintain the presence online. This is for:- 

#1 Annual Domain name and registration (website proof of ownership). 

#2 SSL annual security certificate. 

#3 Hosting Provider. Is a company to be a ‘home’ for your site and display online. 

Total $71 per year, one time payment (first year included in initial purchase of website/setup), which may increase with any sources price increase.

Example:- Initial build/setup and config $400 = $33.33 per month for first year, every subsequent years $71 = $5.92 per month

Builds and Maintenance.
We offer a selection of website packages for you to choose from - Which features/layout options would you like?
Only $70 per year, single payment - after initial build costs. Everything is paid for the first year inclusive. (this includes your domain name and hosting with SSL) We'll transfer your domain to our servers removing current hosting fees and replace with our lower rates. We will build and configure your new website to your specs, or we offer to maintain your existing website.

References - Sites we've built :- (the differences are in the extra features and the way the sites are laid out
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