Terms & Conditions


The price payable by the client for work carried out by The Laughing Professor shall be in accordance with the price list in operation at the time the order is placed. The Laughing Professor reserves the right to amend the price list at any time without prior notice. All prices listed are exclusive of TAX. The current TAX shall NOT be added to all charges including postal charges as directed by Customs and Excise. Our normal terms of payment are payment with order. The Laughing Professor will consider applications for monthly credit facilities from clients on receipt of business and bank references. There will be a charge of $10.00 per application in order to cover the administrative cost of running a credit check. Should the client be offered an account facility the $10.00 will be credited to the newly opened account. Should the account facility be refused no such reimbursement will be made. Account facilities are offered at the absolute discretion of The Laughing Professor. Any amount payable not settled by the date shown at the foot of the monthly statement will be subject to a 3% per month surcharge on the overdue sum. The Laughing Professor will continually review account facilities with regard to the value of orders per month and the manner in which the client has conducted the account. In the event of a cheque not being honoured on the first representation, for whatever reason. The Laughing Professor reserves the right to charge an administration fee for this and subsequent representation of the cheque. Orders of quantity require a minimum deposit of 60%, Balance due on invoice.

The placement of an order with The Laughing Professor and the acceptance of such an order therefore constitutes a contract subject to these terms of business. All orders shall be in writing either on The Laughing Professor order forms or a client's headed paper or official order form. Orders must be signed by the client or anyone else within the client's organisation who is authorised to do so. The Laughing Professor may not accept oral instructions, but request that written confirmation be forwarded as soon as possible. The Laughing Professor will not accept liability for any error resulting from oral instructions which have not been confirmed in writing. 603 Doyle St, Westminster. SC 29693. Orders can not be cancelled once they have been personalised, Therefore no refund is possible. Prior to production, cancellation can be made for no reason and a full refund will be made within 7 days, minus the cost of returning to you any / all personal artwork or other materials provided to us.

Work accepted by The Laughing Professor is on the specific understanding that under the 1988 Copyright and Patents Act and Title 17 US copyright Code, the client undertakes that he/she has obtained the copyright release or license for material submitted and will indemnify The Laughing Professor against any breach of the law. An order accepted by The Laughing Professor is on the understanding that the client assumes liability for any resulting violation of copyright in any action brought by a third party.

Where computer disks or other data storage devices are supplied to The Laughing Professor, it shall be the client's responsibility to retain a master copy. The Laughing Professor will not accept any liability for any costs of recovery, reinstatement or-origination arising from material in The Laughing Professor's possession being corrupted or lost in any way whatsoever. Should an order be rejected by the client for whatever reason, The Laughing Professor must be notified within 7 days. All material relating to the rejected order, together with the associated paperwork must be returned to The Laughing Professor as soon as practicable. The client shall ensure that all artwork, sketches, specifications and copy instructions supplied by the client or the client's agent shall be legible, accurate and unambiguous. The client shall indemnify The Laughing Professor against any resulting loss or claim in respect of any ineligibility, inaccuracy or ambiguity. Should completion of an order be delayed for any reason whatsoever The Laughing Professor shall not be liable to the client or any third party for losses from the delay. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. All sizes quoted are approximate. Should dimensions be critical it is the clients responsibility to inform The Laughing Professor in writing at the time the order is placed. The client accepts that colour rendition is subjective. Work which is returned on the grounds of individual colour taste will be charged again at the listed price if found to be within The Laughing Professor's acceptability limits. Should the client require accurate colour matching, a colour sample must be supplied upon placement of order. The Laughing Professor will endeavour to colour-match to a given sample. The client will accept that a 100% colour match is not always possible given the variations in equipment and materials used.

The client shall indemnify The Laughing Professor against all reasonable third party actions, costs damages, losses and other claims of whatever nature arising out of the execution of the order in accordance with the clients instructions.

Orders are processed immediately, and production starts. Your requested completed items are dispatched next day, subject to current stock levels*, and payment having been received. Delivery will usually be by USPS (US mainland) or as instructed in writing by the client. Charges: $1.00 per every 100g Minimum charge $1.50 * If items are not at the time in stock your personalised gifts should still be with you in approx 10 days. (Delivery must be within 30 days unless otherwise stated by the customer.)

We endeavor to respond to all complaints within 2 working days.

The Laughing Professor is committed to protecting your privacy, and only uses the information that we collect about you Lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998). We collect information about you for two reasons: Firstly, to process your order and second, to provide you with our best possible service. We do not send any mail that is not in direct connection with any current orders or accounts. We refuse to sell or pass your details to all / any marketing companies. The type of information we collect about you include; i) Your Name ii) address iii) e-mail iv) payments details v) Ph / fax numbers We never collect sensitive information about you without your explicit consent.

The information we have will be accurate and up to date. You can check the information that we hold about you by e-mailing us. If you find any inaccuracies we will delete or correct it promptly. The personal information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the law Our web site is maintained and updated by: Paul Griffiths at the Laughing Professor. Details / information on-line are collected by our online shopping process, The process includes the use of a SSL secure encryption server. Credit / Debit card details are forwarded to and processed by: PayPal online.

BY POST Send your payment slip along with your (cheque) Check to: The Laughing Professor. 603 Doyle St, Westminster. SC 29693 For Further Details, Information: Contact - Customer Services (Paul Griffiths, Proprietor.) 603 Doyle St, Westminster. SC 29693 Ph: +1 470-233-0626 Or E-mail: Paul@LaughingProfessor.net Customer Services: Mon-Fri 09:30-17:00 EST. Calls charged at standard rate. BY PHONE Ph: +1 470-233-0626 for payment by all credit / debit cards.... To help process your payment more efficiently, please; Make cheques payable to The Laughing professor and write your customer account no on the back of each cheque. - Allow 5 working days for your payment to reach us. - do not enclose any cash or post-dated cheques. - Do not use staples or paper clips.